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10 Best Off-Strip Asian Buffet-Style Restaurants

Okay, you’re in Las Vegas looking for good Asian food away from the madness of the Strip, you want plenty of it (buffet style), and you want to just help yourself to your heart’s content without having to order off a menu. I put together a list of tantalizing options to tease and satiate your palate.

Well then, let’s eat!


Sushi Mon, Yama Sushi, Sumo Sushi 2, Sushi House Goyemon
There are many excellent choices and it is hard to say one from my list is better than the other since they are all quality places, so I will just list four very popular and very good sushi houses. All of these restaurants offer a wide variety of all-you-can-eat sushi along with other Japanese dishes. You can feast on a multitude of sushi offerings to your heart’s content, including many inventive combinations created by the chefs. Your meal also includes a choice of salads, a wide range of appetizers (tuna poki, edamame, tempura items), and often dessert. You’ll be happy with any of these four:

Sushi Mon, 8320 W. Sahara Ave. Westside. 702-617-0241. Also 9770 S. Maryland Parkway. Southeast. 702-304-0044

Yama Sushi, 1350 E. Flamingo Road #18. Eastside. 702-696-0072

Sumo Sushi 2, 8795 W. Warm Springs Road. Westside. 702-262-7866

Sushi House Goyemon, 5255 S. Decatur Blvd. Westside. 702-331-0333



Jin Mee Korean BBQ Restaurant, an obscure eatery located in a giant hidden complex full of restaurants (plus assorted and sordid other places), is squeezed in between Sahara Avenue to its north and Maryland Parkway to its east. Their all-you-can-eat Korean barbecue dinner for just $21.95 will give you one of the most satisfying meals you’ve eaten in a while. Different types of meats including the classic Bulgogi meat, ribs, and even shrimp (shells and all) are accompanied by almost a dozen different and delectable kimchi, an egg-based soup-like dish, and a phenomenal tomato-based soup packed with vegetables. Highly recommended.

Jin Mee Korean BBQ Restaurant, 953 East Sahara Ave #E9. East Side. 702-733-8648.

Also, very highly recommended:

Sura BBQ Buffet, 4480 Spring Mountain Road. Westside, in Chinatown. 702-365-9888.


One of the top Indian restaurants in Las Vegas, India Masala features dishes from both North and South India and the largest Indian food buffet in Las Vegas. Perfect for vegetarians and great for carnivores as well. You’ll find everything from Tandoori, curries, dal and even vindaloo for those that like it hot. You’ll be seated in comfortable surroundings, where the wait staff will bring you delicious fresh-cooked naan (Indian bread) until you can’t eat anymore. The restaurant is new and clean—which separates them right off from some of their competitors. You can skip the buffet and order off a menu.

India Masala, 1040 East Flamingo Road. Eastside 702-431-8313; also at the Riviera on Las Vegas Boulevard.


Okay, Harbor Palace is not a buffet if you were expecting that—we cheated, sort of—but the traditional Chinese dim sum meals are a fantastic way to go when you want something different and don’t want to be restricted to a menu. Carts of hot, mostly steamed appetizers are wheeled around the restaurant, each one containing as many as 20 items. When a cart stops at your table, the server will lift the lids off the various steamer containers and inform you in some form of broken English, of its contents. Favorites like har gow (shrimp in rice wrapping), shu mai (shrimp and pork dumpling), and steamed buns (typically barbecue pork filling), along with many exotic Chinese dishes make for a fun experience. Be sure to request the homemade hot chili oil to spice things up!

Harbor Palace, 4275 Spring Mountain Road, Las Vegas. Westside, in Chinatown. 702-253-1688.

Also try East Ocean, 9570 S Eastern Ave. Eastside, 702-567-4800, for a surprisingly good dim sum experience away from Chinatown.



Pho Kim Long is not in the style of the others on this list—I cheated, I cheated!—but you do get a big menu with plenty to choose from. The most popular Vietnamese restaurant in town, one shopping center eastward (closer to the Strip) from the heart of Chinatown, Pho Kim Longis busy at all times of the day and night. Lots of great staples like pho (Vietnamese meat-based noodle soup), cha gio, the deep fried shrimp and pork rolls served with fish sauce and fresh vegetables (lettuce wraps, and accompaniments such as fresh mint and cucumbers), along with lemongrass, roast duck, and all sort of other Vietnamese staples. Hint: The proper way to eat cha gio is to insert the roll into the wrap with the accompaniments, dip it into the fish sauce, and then go to town! Treat yourself to a fresh coconut as well.

Pho Kim Long, 4029 Spring Mountain Road. Westside, in Chinatown. 702-220-3613.

Pan-Asian Buffets
There are a number of these slop houses featuring food from across Asian cuisines (disclaimer: the word cuisine shouldn’t be used in this description) around Vegas, and they share this—the food is low-rent fodder.* The selection is vast, but after your visit, you’ll have to ask yourself a question: How do they manage to offer such a wide variety of items and there is nothing palatable? Genius, right? Well, they found a way. If you think spam is disgusting, this is the equivalent of Asian spam. If you think spam is great, enjoy your meal—but please protect your dog. Look, or don’t look, for names such as Asia Buffet, Buffet at Asia, Slop and Spam, Cheap and Chop, Canine Mercy—okay, a few of those names might not be real.

*If you’re old and your taste buds are shot to hell, you’ll eat anything if it is cheap enough and plentiful, or you are infatuated with high quantity and quality-be-damned food because you are on a mission to weigh 500 pounds, you’ll love these places.


About the Writer
Avery Cardoza is a long time denizen of Las Vegas and author of dozens of books including Las Vegas Guide, Book My Vegas (October 2013 release), and Lost in Las Vegas, the critically acclaimed dark comedy about two hapless vacationers who find themselves hunted by the mob, FBI, six killers, and the Rat in a world where nothing is as it seems—and then things go downhill for them. “A fantastic read... The Vegas underbelly as if presented by the Coen brothers.”—Kevin Pollak.